The Cause

Throwing out the dishes with the dishwater...

Don't get us wrong. We LOVE science! Food engineering allows us many benefits, but along the way can be some unforeseen issues.  That doesn't mean we should stop, it just means we should do what we always do. Learn!

Let’s talk about sugar. In an effort to engineer our food to be bigger, faster, and sweeter to feed the masses, we have stripped a vital compound.  This compound is a cofactor to sugar.  Just like salt is poisonous when separated into its compounds of sodium and chloride…. sugar separated from these compounds is literal poison to our bodies.

Your body sees this and starts its natural healing process by triggering inflammation.  Inflammation is designed to quarantine a harmful agent in the body and to remove it. White blood cells attack the affected area and remove the affected area to either be eliminated through urine or quarantine poison in fat tissue. (This is why we shouldn’t eat some fish, because their own bodies have ingested mercury and have stored it in their fat tissue)

Further the structure of sugar in the blood in high concentrations (such as our diets are today) causes abrasions to arteries which results in scaring and the veins becoming clogged with scar tissue.

Now this poison isn’t normally a lethal poison but rather a constant low-grade poison which then in turn creates constant low-grade inflammation.  The body is constantly “sick”, and constantly dealing with ailment. Just like when you have a bug or your body is dealing with an injury, your system is weakened, tired, your body is under constant attack and over time your abused systems start to break down.

If you were able to remove this aliment and stop the constant damage, your amazing body is able to focus on other issues.  Repair damage and be strengthened against attack. Freed to function like the amazing machine that it is!  Plus, sugar in its natural state is vital to your body! It fuels the brain! It builds muscle! And many other processes!

Many people have claimed that our product has saved their lives and cured them from horrendous issues. But we refute this.  Our product does not cure diseases.  What it does is amazing.  It puts sugar back to its natural state – stopping the poison, stopping the inflammation, mitigates the negative effects of carbohydrates, fuels the brain and muscles.  Our product isn’t a miracle.  Your body is! Just stop poisoning it by taking this critical compound combination intended by nature!

The Solution

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