"I've never seen something perform like this in this severe of a model"

- Dr. Gary Grover

"The world is suffering from flavonoid deficiency, and desperately wondering why they're not well."

- Dr. M. Joseph Ahrens

"Emulin out preforms metformin the number one prescribed drug for diabetes"

- Dr. Mark Kipnes


The primary focus of our research effort is to create a safe, effective and wholly beneficial therapeutic that can improve the lives of those suffering from metabolic disorders.

Our fundamental research principal is based on the “ADME” process. Although our current product is not a drug, we use this drug development approach which focuses on Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion as the four main cornerstones to creating safer and more effective therapeutics.

Using this research platform allows us to rapidly search global and remote sources for promising therapeutic leads. Once our team has identified a lead we then begin work on rapid identification and isolation for pre-clinical screening. Next our library of candidates is then run through a series of in vitro analysis to quantify and better understand the candidates interactions in the metabolic pathway and how they might be applied to a therapeutic. This includes toxicology, physiological, metabolic profiling and classification.

The photochemical properties of the world’s plant biotas can provide us with an almost endless supply of safe therapeutic candidates that are just waiting discovery.

Clinical Studies & Scientific Analysis 

"ATM has gathered considerable experience in generating and applying Rational Drug Design and Computer Modeling... Continued computer simulations in conjunction with the pre-clinical and clinical results and data obtained from literature reviews, suggested that Emulin®, if consumed regularly, could not only have the acute effect of lowering the glycemic impact of foods, but chronically increase insulin production and sensitivity, lower background blood glucose levels of type 2 diabetics, and not only arrest, but reverse the development of diabetes in pre-diabetes individuals."

Professor Dr. Ralph DeFronzo Professor and Director & Division Chief, Diabetes Unit, University of Texas Health Center.

·  Preclinical Trials

·  50 Diabetic Subjects Untreated with Insulin

·  10 Control Non-Diabetic Subjects

·  Glucose Levels Dropped by More Than 20%

·  Glucose Levels Increased in Subjects Receiving Placebo

An independent study performed by Eurofins Product Safety Laboratories on diabetic rats treated with Emulin® showed up to a 27 percent reduction in glucose levels. These results indicate that Emulin® may have therapeutic potential in the management of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

"This is one of the most difficult and extreme research models to test with and I was very impressed with the outcome...I have never seen anything perform like this in this severe of a model, other than insulin itself...you may be regenerating B[eta]-cells"

Dr. Gary Grover, Principle Investigator Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Director of Pharmacology for Eurofins.

Clinical Trials dgd Research Cetero Labs/Optimized Clinical Research

·  40 Type 2 Human Diabetic Subjects

·  10 Emulin® / 10 leading diabetes Drug / 10 Placebo / 10 Drug + Emulin®

·  Emulin® Beat the Drug Significantly in Lowering Glucose

"Emulin® does a better job at reducing blood sugar levels in type II diabetes than metformin, the most commonly prescribed drug. Emulin®...[is] a genuine breakthrough."

Dr. Mark Kipnes Executive Vice President, Associate Medical Director of dgd Cetero Labs

"At the end of one week, those subjects on placebo had a slight increase in fasting blood glucose levels, which continued into the second week... Those persons taking Emulin® alone had an 11% decline at one week and a 20% decline by week 2".

Dr. Mark Kipnes Executive Vice President, Associate Medical Director of dgd Cetero Labs

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