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It's projected more than 50% of us suffer from weight and obesity problems. We've been researching the problem for some time. We've worked out how to create a glycemic controlling extract and conducted trials to prove that it works. One of the effects of glycemic control is weight loss.

We've called the core extract at the heart of the product family Emulin®. Emulin® is flavourless and colorless and can be added to any produced food to make that food safe to eat. We'll soon be introducing a new product called Sugir™ – this combines Emulin® with sugar to create endless possibilities for use with any meal replacement or functional food product.

The world needs to decide – enough of obesity resulting from the food we eat. YOU decide – We've met with representatives across the entire food industry, wanting to put Emulin® into the foods you and your family eat. Our intention is to put Emulin® into Cakes & Cookies, Candies, Colas & Soft Drinks, Potato Chips and Bread & Pasta based meals. What they tell us is they are waiting to see what YOU, the consumer has to say. It's very important that you tell the food industry what you want – the companies won't change anything unless YOU tell them to!