Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is EMULIN®?

    EMULIN® is a naturally derived compound that has and insulinomimetic effect that will reduce the postprandial glycemic impact of foods.

  2. What does EMULIN® do?

    EMULIN® works to reduce the glycemic impact of foods by:

    • Reducing the amount of carbohydrates that are absorped after meals.
    • Reducing the amount of glucose manufactured by the liver.
    • Accelerating the removal of excess glucose from the bloodstream.
    • Mobilizing carbohydrates from adipocytes (fat cells).
    • Increasing the sensitivity of Insulin receptors in the signaling pathways. (making insulin more efficient)
  3. Is EMULIN® safe?

    Yes, EMULIN is derived from natural biological modifiers that are found in almost all plants and fruits and has no known side effects.

  4. How will EMULIN® be used?

    Various Licences for the use Emulin® are available. Ultimately we believe that EMULIN® will be added to most of the “manufactured” foods that we consume today such as breads, snacks and beverages. It is intended to be utilized in a fashion similar to adding folate to the sliced bread that you buy in the grocery store for the prevention of birth defects.

  5. Where does EMULIN® come from?

    EMULIN® is a multifunctional combination of unique metabolic modifiers that are found in many tropical plants and vegetables.

  6. How will EMULIN® affect my diet?

    EMULIN® is used in very tiny amounts and has no flavor so it is tasteless and undetectable to the palate. EMULIN®, when consumed, will reduce the glycemic impact of your meal as well as reduce your body’s ability to store it as fat.

  7. Is EMULIN® safe for children?

    Yes, Emulin® is as safe as eating an apple.

  8. Does EMULIN® contain stimulants?

    No, even though EMULIN® has a thermogenic affect it contains no stimulants whatsoever.

  9. Where can I get EMULIN®?

    In the near future, we believe EMULIN® will be found in many foodstuffs including things like breads, soda’s and snacks like Brownies. You can find details of the products which currently contain Emulin® in the ‘Products that incorporate Emulin®’ section of the site.

  10. Why is EMULIN® needed?

    Chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity are on a dramatic increase over the last 60 years and scientists world wide believe it is because the population is eating more and more refined and manufactured foods. Emulin® adds an important metabolic modifier back into manufactured foods to make them safer for diabetics.

  11. Is EMULIN® a Vitamin?

    EMULIN® does not have the same structure as vitamins; however it is being hailed by many scientists as a vital nutritional component that is missing from our cooked and manufactured foods today. By using EMULI®N as a food additive we will be restoring a much needed component to our favorite foods and beverages, even our “junk foods”.

  12. When will it be available?

    EMULIN® is currently available in one of our licence holders products (see Q.9). We’ll add more as and when they become available on the market.


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