Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is EMULIN®?

    EMULIN® is a naturally derived compound that has and insulinomimetic effect that will reduce the postprandial glycemic impact of foods.

  2. What does EMULIN® do?

    EMULIN® works to reduce the glycemic impact of foods by:

    • Reducing the amount of carbohydrates that are absorped after meals.
    • Reducing the amount of glucose manufactured by the liver.
    • Accelerating the removal of excess glucose from the bloodstream.
    • Mobilizing carbohydrates from adipocytes (fat cells).
    • Increasing the sensitivity of Insulin receptors in the signaling pathways. (making insulin more efficient)
  3. Is EMULIN® safe?

    Yes, EMULIN is derived from natural biological modifiers that are found in almost all plants and fruits and has no known side effects.

  4. How will EMULIN® be used?

    Emulin is now being offered as a food supplement. Ultimately, we want to see Emulin not only as a supplement, but added to beverages such as protein shakes, energy drinks, and teas; and foodstuffs such as energy bars, trail mixes, and food toppings. Perhaps also eventually to low glycemic specialty foods such as breads and pastas. We are working on these future products and will introduce them through the distribution network of our exclusive partners.

  5. Where does EMULIN® come from?

    EMULIN® is a multifunctional combination of unique metabolic modifiers that are found in many tropical plants and vegetables.

  6. How will EMULIN® affect my diet?

    EMULIN® is used in very tiny amounts and has no flavor so it is tasteless and undetectable to the palate. EMULIN®, when consumed, will reduce the glycemic impact of your meal as well as reduce your body’s ability to store it as fat.

  7. Is EMULIN® safe for children?

    Yes, Emulin® is as safe as eating an apple.

  8. Does EMULIN® contain stimulants?

    No, even though EMULIN® has a thermogenic affect it contains no stimulants whatsoever.

  9. Where can I get EMULIN®?

    Currently, Emulin is available to the general public through iGalen ( in several countries, and adding new areas quarterly. Available now as a food supplement, with more products under development. Please contact iGalen to see if Emulin is available in your area.

  10. Why is EMULIN® needed?

    Chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity are on a dramatic increase over the last 60 years and scientists worldwide believe it is because the population is eating more and more refined carbohydrates (sugars) and refined and manufactured foods. The result of consuming the modern diet is often inflammation, which in turn can lead to a multitude of disorders. Emulin® adds an important natural metabolic modifier back into human diets (as nature intended) to make them safer for everyone from the athletic seeking greater performance to pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals.

  11. Is EMULIN® a Vitamin?

    We believe that if the discovery of EMULIN® had occurred in the mid twentieth century, it would have been recognized as a vitamin: essential for normal health and vitality; however, because of regulatory changes in the latter part of that timeframe, newly discovered compounds such as EMULIN® are no longer eligible for vitamin status. At the same time, EMULIN® is being hailed by many scientists as a vital nutritional component that is missing from our modern diets. By using EMULIN® as a food supplement, we will be restoring a much-needed component to our favorite foods and beverages, even our "junk foods". BUT! Taking EMULIN® is not a license to not eat healthy!

  12. When will it be available?

    EMULIN® is currently available in one of our licence holders products (see Q.9). We’ll add more as and when they become available on the market.


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