The Story of Emulin®

The Epidemic

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes world-wide in the last 20 years has increased explosively and can now be considered as a diabetes "epidemic". Long considered a disease of minor significance to world health, it is now viewed as a major threat to human health in the 21st century. The global incidence of the disease is set to rise from the current estimation of 150 million, to 220 million by 2010, and to 300 million by 2025. In developed countries the number of people with Diabetes will increase by 42% by 2025, while the increase in lesser developed countries is expected to be 170%. Diabetes used to occur mainly in middle age people, but today it is becoming very common in children.

Diabetes occurs when refined sugars are eaten too often and too fast, causing large swings in blood sugar levels. Although you don’t necessarily "feel" poor glucose levels, Diabetes reduces your quality of life because it causes so many other conditions that make you feel bad. Diabetes can lead to heart attacks, kidney and eye problems, and possible amputation of feet and legs over time.

The Solution

Emulin® is a naturally derived compound that has the unique ability to "buffer" and "quelch" the effects of glucose on the human metabolic pathway which will be instrumental in treating hyperglycaemia and hopefully improve the lives of diabetics worldwide.

Emulin® is an incredible discovery. It is a whole new way of attacking the problems of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, the precursor of diabetes. Metabolic Syndrome is a disorder of aging which is made up of five symptoms which are often seen together and predict diabetes.

These are;

  1. Obesity – especially around the waist.
  2. High blood pressure.
  3. High cholesterol.
  4. High triglycerides.
  5. High fasting blood glucose levels.

These symptoms alert you to the fact that diabetes could be in your future if you don’t make some changes. Emulin® should be one of them.

Emulin® works by a combinational approach to mitigate the damage cause by hyperglycaemia from the diet by its insulinomimetic affects.

Emulin® will:

  • Reduce the dietary absorption of carbohydrates in the upper G.I.
  • Reduce Glucose Synthesis in the Liver.
  • Accelerate Glucose Uptake from the bloodstream.
  • Mobilize carbohydrates (glucose) from adipocytes.
  • Increase the sensitivity of Insulin receptors in the signalling pathways – this makes insulin more efficient.